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Welcome on the home page of Becker and Kalorexpress Ltd!

Our company was established in 1989 and our primary activity was producing and installing cool chambers. Thanks to our relevant experiences in this field, we gained rapidly reputation in these branches. As our intention has been always to meet the needs of every present and possible customer, after some years we expanded our activity by selling and installing air condition systems and central vacuum cleaners. From this point on we are able to satisfy also the demands of private individuals.

Thanks to our client-orientated philosophy, excellent technicians and reliable sub-contractors we operate in numerous fields of the food conservation throughout Hungary and also in abroad (conservation of meat, vegetables, fruits, sweets, beverages, beer, wine and medicine).

Our company is eager to help you in these areas:


  • Planning and producing of cooling chambers ( also with ULO technology ), cool houses, cold stores, shock chambers, chambers for drying, cooling warehouses

  • Producing of doors for cool chambers in several dimension and temperature

  • Planning and producing of cooling systems and liquid cooling systems

  • Installing of controlling and temperature registration systems

Air conditioning:

  • Selling of air conditioning and liquid cooling equipments and fan-coils

  • Planning and implementation of air condition systems

  • Selling of air curtains, air cleaning devices and demisters

For private individuals:

  • Selling and installing of Split air condition devices

  • Planning and installing of central vacuum clenaers

Please get in touch with us via the following availabilities:

Becker & Kalorexpress Kft.

5100 Jászberény, Fáy András utca 21.
5123 Jászárokszállás, Széchenyi út 39.
1148 Budapest, Lengyel utca 33.


 +36 57/411-545


 +36 57/402-879


 +36 30/932-6355 Refrigation


 +36 70/263-7797 Air conditioning


 +36 70/263-7797 Central vacuum cleaners